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Tennis is more than a game,

it’s a way for children to develop discipline and leadership


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Our projects create equal opportunity for underserved children to play and excel at tennis and at school.


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Our vision is to produce champions on and off the tennis court.


We focus on getting children to play and learn

Federico Coppini Foundation (FCF) is focused on raising champions, both on and off the court. We present a comprehensive tennis development program to 1 600 children at a dedicated tennis facility in Ida’s Valley. Tennis remains an exclusive sport and South Africa is battling to produce competitive players. We aim to change that.

The foundation makes tennis broadly accessible to schools in underserved communities, giving every child a fair chance to participate and excel at the game. When talent is recognized, children are escalated to individual coaching programs, and we offer all the support young players need to be champions. We host a range of tournaments at our Ida’s Valley Tennis Centre, and we offer fun holiday programs and open days to welcome new players.

The children in our program are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are often exposed to social challenges such as substance abuse, financial lack and social neglect The sport of tennis offers children a remarkable opportunity to build resilience and to enjoy the uplifting social environment around the game. Through everything that we do, we focus on the development of leadership and discipline in our young players.


Meet the team

“I am grateful for all the effort the coaches are doing and hope that the tennis programme will continue in the school as the children love doing it..”

The Teacher at Rusthoff Primary
(Ms. Celeste)

Our Partners

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