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Our Projects

Our future vision includes four projects centred around both life and tennis development for children. Our rationale in the development of our projects are three-fold:

  • The game of tennis as a vehicle for children to develop on a personal level. It teaches discipline, social behaviour, motivation, and personal drive. Even if children only play socially, they are still better off for having the experience and the benefits it presents. The sport also opens a range of opportunities such as school and university scholarships, with the possibility of a career in tennis.

  • Talent is stunted by socio-economic circumstances and cultural frameworks. Many talented young tennis players don’t progress or leave the game altogether because of the personal challenges they face at home. Cultural frameworks particularly effect young female players as the pursuit of sport is not common amongst girls in many communities. To truly unlock tennis potential, programmes should offer integrated and comprehensive player support, to counteract the challenges that prevent especially girls, from exceling at the game.

Producing tennis champions requires a professional approach and focussed programme. A well-defined and multi-partner approach is needed to realise the vision of producing world champions. Promising players should enter a comprehensive multi-year programme with the objective to compete professionally.

Goals and Objectives

The sport of tennis provides an effective access point to reach children and to provide a positive personal and social space to influence change and bring about personal growth and development in participants. Our objectives include:

  1. Broad-based tennis access: Our aim is to continue introducing the sport widely to children across all communities in Stellenbosch, restoring the status of the sport in the region.

  2. Producing tennis champions: To offer quality coaching and support to develop competitive tennis players.

  3. Supporting educational growth: To facilitate children into educational bursaries and life opportunities through the sport.

  4. Social and cultural interventions: To address the social issues and cultural beliefs that prevent players from reaching their full potential.

  5. Development of girls: To launch a full scholarship programme for girls aged 9-10 years that includes education and tennis development.

We believe that broad based tennis access and producing tennis champions directly contribute towards good health and well-being. Target, supporting educational growth, contributes to have a quality education. Targets, social and cultural interventions and development of girls, contribute towards having gender equality and sustainable cities and communities. 



Federico Coppini Foundation is immensely appreciative of the funding and support received to date. However, Federico Coppini has largely funded FCF in his personal capacity up to this point and with the Foundations growing ambitions we seek additional funding and partnerships to scale.  

Our aim is to continue to seek co-funding and to diversify our partnership base.



The Federico Coppini Foundation's Project has grown aggressively over the past 3 years, and we aim to keep the momentum and to strive for a new level of excellence and service provision for our young beneficiaries.
We believe that young lives can be redirected and that our programmes offer profound personal and educational benefits.
We are seeking donors and partners that share our vision and believe that we can produce champions, on and off the court.

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