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The projects and objectives of the Federico Coppini Foundation are well known: to offer those who never would have had a chance, especially if they are children born and raised in the difficult reality of Sub-Saharan Africa. If there are any special talent hiding among these children, it will be even more beautiful.

The work started some time ago in Tanzania. We have already spoken with you extensively about this, and now it has reached a first intermediate milestone, at least as precious as the final objectives: a love for tennis. This is an extraordinary result, since tennis is not a sport of immediate understanding.

FCF-branded instructors know this, that's why they devised a program that could excite children. And all the 140 children participating in the project fell in love with rackets and balls. None excluded.

In compliance with the Federico Coppini Foundation’s guidelines, introduction to tennis is intended for third-grade children and takes place during class hours, thanks to the sensitivity and foresight of the school leaders, who understood the goodness of the ideas FCF and did not perch themselves on unnecessary traditionalisms.

In addition to teaching the basics of tennis technique, instructors offer children a very fun physical experience that will help improving their motor skills. The experiment has been a great success, as evidenced by photos and videos that show moments of clean and sincere joy.

"Hope for the Community", our local partner, presented the program that has started in the best way. Federico Coppini Foundation is proud and satisfied with the work done till-date, but has no intention of stopping: the next step will involve identifying the best talents, who will receive special support.

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